CIF Honors 2015-16 Model Coach Award Winners

CIF Honors 2015-16 Model Coach Award Winners

SACRAMENTO – The CIF State Office today announced the 2015-16 Model Coach Award winners. Now in its 15th year, the CIF Model Coach Award program is designed to recognize coaches who have served as positive role models in their schools and communities, and who have exhibited the traits apparent in the 16 principles of Pursuing Victory with Honorsm.

      The 16 winners, nominated through their local CIF Section office, will receive an award and be honored at their sport’s State Championship or at an event of the recipient’s choosing.

      A model coach demonstrates and teaches the six core ethical values:  trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship (the “Six Pillars of Character”). The CIF believes that the highest potential of sports is achieved when teachers/coaches consciously Teach, Enforce, Advocate and Model (T.E.A.M.) these values and are committed to the ideal of Pursuing Victory with Honorsm.

            “There is more to education-based athletics than just winning and losing. We honor and recognize those coaches who teach student-athletes not only the skills needed to excel, but also those who are dedicated to teaching them the values of Pursuing Victory with Honorsm and the Six Pillars of Character," said CIF Executive Director Roger L. Blake.

2015-16 CIF Model Coach Award Winners

Chris Ancheta - Granada Hills Charter High School (LACS), Boys Golf

Julie Berggren - Gilroy High School (CCS), Softball

Joe Berticevich - Pioneer High School, San Jose (CCS), Boys Basketball

Stan Bickley - Tri-City Christian School, Oceanside (SDS), Basketball

Vickie Carrington - Horizon Christian Academy, San Diego (SDS), Girls Basketball/Swimming/Cross Country

Chris Ferree - Atascadero High School (SS), Wrestling/Football/Water Polo

Kelly Freeland-Sloat - Fall River High School, McArthur (NS), Girls Volleyball

Sylvia Goodman - Tamalpais High School (NCS), Cross Country

Patrick Hendricks - Exeter Union High School (CS), Girls Water Polo

John Mitchell - Pleasant Valley High School, Chico (NS), Volleyball

Troy Mott - Napa High School (SJS), Football

Kay Nekota - Vacaville High School (SJS), Track & Field/Cross Country/Girls Basketball

Eliot Smith - Lick-Wilmerding High School, San Francisco (NCS), Basketball

Leslie Sorenson - El Diamante High School, Visalia (CS), Volleyball

Jessica Torres - Garfield High School, Los Angeles (LACS), Girls Basketball

Maggi Twinem - Wilson High School,  Long Beach (SS), Girls Swimming


Chris Ancheta (Granada Hills Charter High School) Boys Golf

Ancheta has been the boys golf coach at Granada Hills Charter High School for the past 12 years. To many of his student-athletes, Ancheta has been a consistent example of positive adult influence in their life and motivator for success with their academic and athletic accomplishments. He continually strives to improve his teaching practices and challenges his players to perform their best and capture the opportunity for success in life and sports.


Julie Berggren (Gilroy High School) Softball

Berggren is in her 13th season as the softball coach at Gilroy High School. Additionally, she is also the Athletic Director, Community Service Coordinator and former Link Crew Leader. She exhibits a high degree of professionalism on and off the field and holds high standards for the athletes of Gilroy. Her caring demeanor conveys a sense of confidence that whatever the task, chore or challenge is at hand, it will be handled well. Berggren models a tremendous work ethic, is trustworthy and has the respect of students, parents, fellow teachers and coaches.


Joe Berticevich (Pioneer High School) Basketball

Berticevich not only serves as the boys basketball coach at Pioneer High School, but is also the Athletic Director and a multi-media teacher. His dedication and commitment to the students at Pioneer is to be commended as he is a person with the utmost integrity in everything he pursues. Berticevich maintains a relentless pursuit of all things that will promote the success of his student-athletes. Whether in his classroom, on the court with his team, or attending any event on behalf of Pioneer, he is a kind, considerate, sincere and respectful man.


Stan Bickley (Tri-City Christian School) Basketball

Bickley is the head basketball coach and Athletic Director at Tri-City Christian School. The esteem with which the students, athletes and parents of athletes have for him is a testimony not just to his knowledge of sports, but more so to his care for people. He has not only developed players, but he has duplicated himself in coaches who share a passion for the unique roll that they play in the lives of student-athletes. By definition, the term ‘coach’ means ‘specialized teaching or training’ and Coach Bickley coaches everywhere he goes.


Vickie Carrington (Horizon Christian Academy) Girls Basketball/Swimming/Cross Country

Carrington serves as a teacher, coach and athletic director at Horizon Christian Academy. She has tremendous influence and uses that power of persuasion to build up and inspire those around her. She is intrinsically service-minded and the epitome of a leader. Carrington not only embodies the ‘six pillars of character’ she is much more; she’s intuitive, insightful and humble. Her heart’s passion to teach and guide her student-athletes is a clear reflection of someone who has a genuine concern to pass on ethical values for their future in athletics, but more importantly for them to succeed in life itself.


Chris Ferree (Atascadero High School) Wrestling/Football/Water Polo

Ferree is a teacher and coach at Atascadero High School. He is a positive, optimistic and caring individual and is known to be every student’s favorite teacher and every athlete’s favorite coach. Ferree has developed excellence in every endeavor and every challenge. He is a highly respected and revered figure at Atascadero. Student-athletes, coaches and administration can attest to the encouragement, love and support he exemplifies.


Kelly Freeland-Sloat (Fall River High School) Volleyball

Freeland-Sloat is not only the volleyball coach at Fall River High School, she also serves as the Vice Principal and Athletic Director. She takes the classroom lessons she taught and expectations she demands and applies them to athletics. The culture she creates with her teams is mirrored in the culture she creates in Fall River. That culture is one of hard work and having fun while striving to be your best. Her student-athletes respect and admire her for her dedication and caring attitude for them personally as well as a part of the team.


Sylvia Goodman (Tamalpais High School) Cross Country

Goodman is the cross country coach at Tamalpais High School. Her positive/transformational coaching style has led to the development over the years of dozens of athletes into competitors in the best sense of the word. She is tireless in her efforts to create a team out of a wide range of athletes: from the inexperienced to the elite, and she deftly and sensitively “threads the needle” between coaching her strongest athletes and her weakest, bringing out the best in everyone, both individually and as a team. Goodman teaches her student-athletes how to balance commitment with fun, how to mix tenacity and a drive to win with respect and sportsmanship, and how to take joy in the process of learning and growing.


Patrick Hendricks (Exeter Union High School) Girls Water Polo

Hendricks is the head girls water polo coach and also teaches chemistry and physical science at Exeter Union High School. He is a hardworking, dedicated man of character and integrity. The respect and adoration he earns from parents, staff and student-athletes is second-to-none. His enthusiasm is infectious and his positive attitude and excitement in his service to others is refreshing. It’s never about winning in his programs; tie’s about teaching student-athletes about commitment, respect, responsibility, and Pursuing Victory with Honorsm.


John Mitchell (Pleasant Valley High School) Boys and Girls Volleyball

Mitchell is the boys and girls volleyball coach at Pleasant Valley High School, as well as a P.E. teacher. His ability to communicate and commitment to youth is exemplary. He is continually teaching young men and women the responsibility they take on as part of a team and as a representative of their school and community. Through both winning and losing, he is positive, constructive and continually pushing each student-athlete to do their best and represent themselves and their school in a proud and respectful manner. Coach Mitchell’s passion and commitment is contagious. He makes those around him want to do better. By holding players accountable, challenging them to do their best and modeling commitment and responsibility, his players walk away with an experience that will positively impact them for the rest of their lives.


Troy Mott (Napa High School) Football

Mott is the football coach and teacher at Napa High School. His “system” includes being a student first, carrying yourself with integrity around campus, recognizing the importance of community and respecting the game of football. Mott goes above and beyond what is required of him as a teacher and coach as he mentors students at school, both on and off the field. He is an outstanding coach and even better person. He cares about the success of each individual, not simply how a player can help the team win. Mott’s passion and dedication to the student-athletes at Napa is second-to-none.


Kay Nekota (Vacaville High School) Cross Country/Girls Basketball/Track& Field

Nekota has served as the head cross country coach and co-head track & field coach for the past 10 years at Vacaville High School and assisting a year with the girls basketball program. Additionally, she is also a P.E. and math teacher and the school Athletic Director. Nekota has a gift for empowering each of the students she has contact with as she consciously makes the time to ensure each student feels appreciated and valued allowing them to reach their maximum potential. She wants her student-athletes to understand the importance and lessons that athletics provides, but also empowers them to use their position in the community to help others. Coach Nekota is truly inspirational. She raises the expectations of those she comes in contact with while giving them the necessary tools to achieve their dreams.


Eliot Smith (Lick-Wilmerding High School) Basketball

Smith is the Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach at Lick Wilmerding High School. His positive attitude is infectious and you can’t help but break out in a smile when he greets you. He demonstrates and defines the qualities of an exceptional professional whose character and commitment to his student-athletes exemplifies all that a coach should be every day, an outstanding role model. Coach Smith is gifted as an outstanding motivational speaker, encourager, and leader. His positive outlook on life permeates his coaching style. Anyone who has had the honor and privilege of knowing him, will always come away encouraged and feeling loved.


Leslie Sorensen (El Diamante High School) Girls Volleyball

Sorensen was the volleyball coach at El Diamante High School for many years. She is knowledgeable, has good management skills and always looks out for the best interests of her student-athletes. She is a tremendous role model for all coaches and players. Her teams are always ready, play with class, and always respect their opponents. She makes sure her student-athletes receive both the skills to succeed on the court and the attributes to be successful off the court.


Jessica Torres (Garfield High School) Girls Basketball

Torres has been the head girls basketball coach at Garfield High School since 2007-08 and is also a P.E. teacher. More impressive than her on-court success, she has been able to create an environment of high academic expectations throughout her program. A 1998 alumnus of Garfield, she is well known and respected by the local community organizations as well.


Maggi Twinem (Wilson–Long Beach High School) Girls Swimming

Twinem coached girls swimming at Wilson-Long Beach High School for the past 15 years and has been a teacher at the school for 21 years. She deeply cares about each student-athlete she coaches and she nurtures them and stretches them by meeting their individual needs both on and off of the pool deck.  She promotes dedication to both athletics and academics as her teams continually excel in the classroom as well as in the pool. High School graduation does not end her influence on Wilson swimmers as she travels to watch former student-athletes compete at the next level several times a year as she continues to be a mentor to her former swimmers.

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