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NOTE: The most efficient method of communication with the CIF on eligibility questions is through your athletic director or principal.

While we understand the importance of your child’s eligibility, coaches or parents/guardians/caregivers calling the CIF on eligibility matters can create unnecessary delay. Coaches and parents must work with their school's ADs or principals to help determine a student-athlete’s eligibility.

Please review frequently asked questions and answers below:


Audio/Video Transmission Rights

Q: How do I obtain transmission rights for audio or video of CIF Regional and Championships?

A: Visit the Transmission Rights Application Forms page on the website (located in the Media Center).


Coaching Certification

Q: What do I need to do to become a certified coach?

A: Visit the coaching certification page (located under the Coaches & Administrators tab) to find out how to become a coach.

Q: What do I need to do to become a certified referee?

A: Visit the official’s page tab for more information on how to become a referee. Contact the officials association in your area for specific details as all education and training of officials is done by your local association.


Coach Complaints

Q: I am very concerned about my child’s coach, but I fear that a conversation with the coach will lead to retaliation and resentment. What should I do?

A: If your child was having problems in their math or science class, would you not call the school and ask to schedule an appointment with the teacher to find out what you as parents can do to assist your child? If your child continued to have pain in their teeth long after visiting the dentist, would you not schedule a follow-up visit? The answers are obvious, YES. Your concerns regarding retaliation should not enter your mind. Of course, much will depend on your manner of inquiry. Like most people, coaches will get defensive when attacked so the best method is to schedule a face-to-face meeting with the coach and include your child at the meeting. Make sure you are seeking answers to questions that will ultimately enhance your child’s sports experience and what you as a parent can do to assist in that effort.

Q: Why doesn’t CIF do anything about a terrible coach?

A: By law, all coaches are employees of the school, even an unpaid volunteer coach. Because the coach is an employee of the school and not the CIF, the State CIF and the CIF Section offices cannot be involved in the discipline and dismissal of coaches. The hiring and dismissal of coaches is the responsibility of the school and district administration.


Collegiate Athletic Information

Q: I am hoping that my child can get a college athletic scholarship. What can I do to help? What if my student-athlete is being recruited by a college?

A: Visit either the college requirements page (located under the Parents and Students tab). Or visit the for their free course:  NCAA Eligibility.


Eligibility and Transfers

Q: Can a player quit a team and then rejoin at a later date in the same season?

A: Each coach and school may have their own policy regarding this issue. Please contact your school athletic director.

Q: What year in high school is there no penalty for transferring?

Q: How do I become eligible when I move from another country?

Q: How do I become eligible when I move from another city/county/state?

Q: Can a student play on two high school sports teams during the same season?

Q: What are the academic requirements for eligibility?

Q: I have not played a varsity sport at my school if I transfer schools, am I then eligible to play a varsity sport at the new school?

Q: Am I able to play my high school sport and club sport at the same time?

A: Questions and answers to transfer eligibility can often seem confusing. For parents and guardians, your BEST RESOURCE IS ALWAYS YOUR SCHOOL ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. A major role for the school A.D. and administration is to help parents and student-athletes with transfer eligibility questions. Additionally, to help and assist parents and guardians the State CIF has a Transfer and Eligibility page that may help you better understand CIF rules and regulations. However, every transfer situation will have individual circumstances and issues so it is vital that you meet with your school's administration to discuss these issues. Your school administration will then work with your local CIF Section.


Marketing Opportunities

If you are interested becoming a CIF Corporate Partner, a vendor at the CIF Regional and State Championships, or advertising in our Championship programs or website please contact Brian Sandy – General Manager of CIF Sports Properties – (916) 239-4477,


Participation Data

Q: Where can I find CIF sports participation data?

A: Please visit our census page in the coaches and administrators section of our website. 


Playoff History

Q: Where can I find scores or statistics from previous CIF State and Regional Championships?

A: Visit the respective sport page under the sports tab and click Past Championship Results link. 


Rule Interpretations

Q: What if I have a question about the rules of a certain sport?

A: It is always best that you discuss rules and regulations with your coach and school athletic director.


School Directory

The CIF does not sell or distribute membership contact lists. For a listing of all CIF member schools, the best resource would be the Clell Wade Coaches Directory book which can also be found online at


Sports Medicine

Q: What are the safety requirements for participation in sports during hot weather?

A: Visit our Sports Medicine page for helpful advice on different safety measures. The duty and responsibility for the health and safety of student-athletes falls directly to the coaching staff and school administration. Student-athletes and parents/guardians also play a vital role in helping provide a safe environment for participation. Read the Sports Medicine Handbook on the State CIF webpage.


Sport Recognition

Q: How does a sport become sanctioned by the CIF?

A: Visit our Bylaws section (located under our Governance tab) for more clarification. New Sports are introduced at League meetings; similar to how new rules are created or modified.  Please click here for further information.

Q: What if sports are not offered by my school can I play at another school?

A: A primary function of education based interscholastic athletics is to offer students an opportunity to participate. CIF Bylaw 303 provides a method where a high school that does NOT have an athletic program can join with a CIF member high school for athletic opportunities for students. However, there are several requirements, agreements between the schools and paperwork that must be completed each year and there are timelines that must be met. Have your school administrators contact your local CIF Section about the process for a Multi-School Agreement.


Uniform Restrictions

Q: What are the restrictions on sport goggles?

A: Playing rule and regulations are made nationwide for high schools by the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations). Always contact your schools coach or athletic director regarding any rule or regulation.

Q: What are the restrictions on uniform colors and special tributes?

A: Playing rule and regulations are made nationwide for high schools by the National Federation of State High School Associations. Always contact your schools coach or athletic director regarding any rule or regulation.


Additional Questions

Q: Am I eligible to play for my school?

A: You must talk with your school athletic director. There are several rules which apply to participation in education based athletics including academic standards.

Q: What is the coach contact period?

A: Contact time with coaches can vary by CIF Section and school district. You must speak with your school athletic director to see what your school allows.

Q: What are the seasons of sports?

A: Seasons of sports can vary by CIF Section. You must speak with your school athletic director to see what seasons your school follows.

Q: What are the dead periods?

A: Some schools and CIF Sections have rules that prohibit any contact between coaches and student-athletes to help ensure that there is “down time” for both the players and coaches. This is typically called a “dead period.” You must talk with your school athletic director to see what your school allows.

Q: What are the club sports seasons dates? When can student-athletes play club sports?

A: Participation on outside teams during the school year can jeopardize a student’s high school eligibility and their high school teams’ eligibility. Seasons of sports can vary by CIF Section. You must speak with your school athletic director to see what your school allows.

Q: How do I contact my CIF Section Office?

A: Please visit CIF Section Offices (located under the About CIF tab) on the CIF website.


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