CIF Honors 2017-18 Model Coach Award Winners

CIF Honors 2017-18 Model Coach Award Winners

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – The CIF State office today announced the 2017-18 Model Coach Award winners. Now in its 17th year, the CIF Model Coach Award program is designed to recognize coaches who have served as positive role models in their schools and communities, and who have exhibited the traits apparent in the 16 principles of Pursuing Victory with Honorsm.

The 13 winners, nominated through their local CIF Section office, will receive an award and be honored at their sport’s State Championship or at an event of the recipient’s choosing.

A model coach demonstrates and teaches the six core ethical values: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship (the “Six Pillars of Character”). The CIF believes that the highest potential of sports is achieved when teachers/coaches consciously Teach, Enforce, Advocate and Model (T.E.A.M.) these values and are committed to the ideal of Pursuing Victory with Honorsm.

“There is more to education-based athletics than just winning and losing. We honor and recognize those coaches who teach student-athletes not only the skills needed to excel, but also those who are dedicated to teaching them the values of Pursuing Victory with Honorsm and the Six Pillars of Character," said CIF Executive Director Roger L. Blake.


2017-18 CIF Model Coach Award Winners

Name - School (Section) - Sport(s)

Robert Anderson - Oroville H.S. (NS) - Basketball/Football/Golf/Volleyball

Dave Barrett - Oceanside H.S. (SDS) - Baseball/Football

Jeromy Blackwell - Strathmore H.S. (CS) - Football

Diane Chiappone - San Dimas H.S. (SS) - Volleyball/Track & Field

Greg Coombs - Godinez H.S., Santa Ana (SS) - Basketball

Carla Davis - West Valley H.S., Cottonwood (NS) - Volleyball

Fred Jones - Vacaville H.S. (SJS) - Football/Wrestling/Tennis/Basketball

Kristin Jones - La Jolla H.S. (SDS) - Girls Soccer

Linda Merrida - Pioneer H.S., Woodland (SJS) - Softball/Volleyball

Dustin Nygaard  - Tamalpais H.S., Mill Valley (NCS) - Boys Golf/Soccer

Angie Papangellin - Presentation H.S., San Jose (CCS) - Girls Golf

Ken Shipley - Clovis West H.S. (CS) - Girls Golf

Scott Young - Santa Teresa H.S., San Jose (CCS) - Cross Country/Track & Field


Robert Anderson (Oroville High School) Basketball/Football/Golf/Volleyball

Anderson serves as a teacher and coach at Oroville High School for the past 18 years. He is the ultimate coach in the classroom and is always willing to spend extra time with students who need it and encouraging students to achieve higher levels of learning. His knowledge and passion for athletics is immeasurable and proven in his continued dedication to the development of the student-athletes at OHS. Anderson has set his student-athletes up for success and when kudos are received he is humble and instead attributes all the success to his players and staff.


Dave Barrett (Oceanside High School) Baseball/Football

Barrett serves as a football and baseball coach at Oceanside High School, as well as the athletic director. His teams not only compete at the highest levels, but his student-athletes respond to him in a manner that obviously portrays the time and emphasis he places upon character and representing OHS in the best possible way. Always willing to lend a hand or advice, Coach Barrett is a man whose perspective and opinion is respected and greatly appreciated.


Jeromy Blackwell (Strathmore High School) Football

Blackwell has been coaching football at Strathmore High School for the past 17 years. He is a passionate leader and holds the same expectations of his student-athletes. A skilled motivator, Blackwell’s athletes perform at high levels due to the culture he has developed over the years. His teams are known throughout the football community for their display of great character and sportsmanship.


Diane Chiappone (San Dimas High School) Volleyball/Track & Field

As the volleyball and track and field coach at San Dimas High School, Coach Chiappone is truly the epitome of a champion for character. She teaches, enforces, advocates, models and emphasizes the value of good sportsmanship above winning. Additionally, she assures the academic, emotional, moral and physical well-being of student-athletes is always placed above the desire to win. Chiappone truly is a champion coach, champion person and champion for character.


Greg Coombs (Godinez High School) Basketball

Coombs currently serves as athletic director and head boys basketball coach at Godinez High School and has been coaching and teaching in Orange County for more than 36 years. Not only is he an excellent tactician and a successful leader, but he exhibits character, class and dedication on and off the court as well. His teams have been quite successful over the years and while that success is impressive, it is the way that Coombs teaches his student-athletes off the court that make him a model coach.


Carla Davis (West Valley High School) Volleyball

Davis has coached volleyball at West Valley High School for more than 20 years. She leads by her example and her student-athletes know she is a woman of her word, they see this integrity and trust her because of it. She takes pride and encourages her players to take pride in the complements they receive about sportsmanship. Coach Davis is an excellent example of a coach who demonstrates the values of “pursuing victory with honor.”


Fred Jones (Vacaville High School) Football/Wrestling/Tennis/Basketball

Jones has coached the football team at Vacaville High School since 1969 and has also coached wrestling, tennis, basketball, track and field and softball, as well as served as the athletic director since 1998. Additionally, he is the founder and coach of the school’s rugby team for 14 years. He is the cornerstone of the Vacaville athletic department and his commitment to promoting the development of the VHS student-athletes into high achieving adults through the avenue of sport is as evident today as when he started many decades ago.


Kristin Jones (La Jolla High School) Girls Soccer

Jones has served as the girls soccer coach at La Jolla High School since 2004. She has spent countless hours mentoring her players and helping them achieve their college playing aspirations. Coach Jones is poised, knowledgeable and highly respected by her players and the soccer community. She exhibits the six pillars of character both on and off the field and is an amazing role model for young women.


Linda Merrida (Pioneer High School) Softball/Volleyball

Merrida has coached softball at Pioneer High School for 14 years and volleyball for two years and also served as the athletic director for nine years. Previously, she was the softball and volleyball coach at Woodland High School for more than a decade. Coach Merrida’s most impressive qualifications are her student-athletes who have graduated and become the next generation of leaders in their communities.


Dustin Nygaard (Tamalpais High School) Golf/Soccer

Nygaard coaches golf and soccer at Tamalpais High School. His true passion for his teams and infectious desire to learn is admirable and model worthy. Nygaard advocates an open, positive learning environment and encourages his student-athletes to strive for progress in games and in training all while no losing sight of academics in the classroom. His positive energy is embedded in the psyche of everyone he coaches. He pushes his players to their maximum ability while maintaining an element of relaxation and enjoyment. This unique ability contributes to Nygaard’s success on and off the field.


Angie Papangellin (Presentation High School) Girls Golf

Papangellin was the head golf coach at Presentation High School for 18 years. She dedicated her career to working with young women to use golf as a means to not just becoming better athletes on the course, but more importantly strong, confident, and honorable young women in life. The hundreds of student-athletes, from first-time golfers to accomplished players, who have been blessed to have Papangellin as a coach and mentor respect her for what she has taught them and who she has helped them become.


Ken Shipley (Clovis West High School) Girls Golf

Over his 11 years at Clovis West High School, Shipley has built an elite level girls golf program. His teams have experienced great success a he continues to challenge his student-athletes and set high expectations every year. A patient and an outstanding teacher of golf, Shipley is a person of strong moral character and his teams’ success is a direct reflection of his talent as a coach and person.


Scott Young (Santa Teresa High School) Cross Country/Track & Field

Young serves as the cross country and track and field coach at Santa Teresa High School, as well as the co-athletic director. His devotion to the school and his student-athletes is admirable. He expects all of his student-athletes to be role models both in the classroom and on the field. Young is the perfect example of what it means to “pursue victory with honor.”

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