Please click here to take Assessor Recertification Test

This online test is for Recertification purposes only, first time assessors are not permitted to take this test and should apply to become an assessor, and schedule a training appointment, through their local CIF Section Office

Questions are pulled from the Wrestling Weight Managment Handbook as well as the videos below. Tests will be graded within 72 business hours.   Codes will be sent if the score is passing; if not a passing score, assessors will receive an email to retake the test.  Do not schedule an appointment to assess until you have received notice that your account is active for 2018-19.

Wrestling Weight Management Manual 2018-19

Please check with your CIF Section Office for a manual that has additional CIF Section specific instructions.  This link is for testing purposes and reference only. Login Page

Select gender season when entering all assessments

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the inputting of data please submit a ticket to TrackWrestling.


BodyMetrix Training Video:


Additional Training Videos:


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