Wrestlers' Diet

Mandatory Meeting Regarding the Wrestlers' Diet

Some years ago, the Federated Council mandated a pre-season or early season meeting with wrestlers and parents of wrestlers around diet.

The wrestlers' diet material can be used as a prompt to discuss nutrition and proper diet for wrestlers.

Please feel free to suggest to us, any additional information you may need for subsequent years to help you when those meetings are taking place.

If the meeting has not taken place this season as yet, we urge you to schedule this as soon as possible. Be sure to record when the meeting took place and that you have met with all wrestlers and their parents.

Verification may be requested before entries are accepted for the State Wrestling Championships.


Wrestlers' Diet - A Healthy Guide to Weight Control

APPENDIX A - Sample Menus and Snacks: 2,000 Calories

APPENDIX B and APPENDIX D - Eating Out Wisely and Sample Menus - Fast Food Restaurants

APPENDIX C - How To Calculate Your Minimum Body Weight